The new trend: Getting healthy and loosing weight through Social Media and Netflix

Have you ever wondered if social media or watching TV can make you loose weight? Globally there are more than one billion people overweight and 600 million people obese. Obesity increases the risk of many diseases and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. All these diseases can lead to premature death. The World Health Organization has identified this serious health problem and they have been leading public awareness campaigns about obesity.

Watching television, texting, using the computer and spending time online are activities that require almost no energy. In most people’s lives, these activities take up a lot of time and replace physical activity. When people watch TV, they often crave the unhealthy high-calorie food they see on commercials. Most people watch up to 10,000 food commercials every year. The majority of these commercials are for soft drinks, fast food and candy, all foods that when consuming them on a regular basis can lead to overweight and obesity.

However, the good news is that Obesity and the diseases that come with it are PREVENTABLE! This is why preventative medicine, which goal it is to protect, promote and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease and death, is so important. One wouldn’t think that Social Media and Netflix are playing a crucial role in helping people loose weight, preventing diseases, and promoting well-being. However, this is exactly what’s happening. Social media can be a powerful tool to help people loose weight and meet their healthy life goals. Rebecca Regnie lost 20 pounds on twitter and Missouri Senator Claire Mc Caskill started tweeting her diet and exercise routine and lost 50 pounds. The Twitter Diet, the Pinterest Diet and the Social Diet are all examples of Social Media playing a crucial role in loosing weight and becoming healthy. Healthy food blogs such as My New Roots, and Fitness Bloggers like FitFluential are examples of how the hours you spend online can be supporting and improving your healthy habits. Food Matters is an organisation that has been sharing their health and wellness knowledge through Facebook, Instagram and their webpage. However, they decided to take it a step further by creating the ultimate health-film library. Food Matters realised that online streaming TV was the way to the future. This is why they created the Netflix for health and wellness. They created FMTV, an online subscription channel that offers a growing library of over 350 health and wellness documentaries, expert interviews and healthy recipes. Social Media and watching TV can therefore hold incredible potential to help you meet your health goals.

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